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What we do

Capital United is a team of professional finance intermediaries, committed to negotiating optimal rates, loan structures and terms & conditions on behalf of our clients

How we work

Capital United helps clients secure the best financial arrangement for institutional debt,
corporate debt, commercial debt, equipment and residential debt, as well as private finance and facilitation of equity

We Simplify A Complex Marketplace And We Have Strong Relationships With A Wide Range Of Credit Providers Throughout Australia

Most corporate and commercial debt transactions require a unique skill set when it comes to negotiating optimal rates; structures and terms and conditions. There are many variables associated with different types of: facility structures, security structures, covenants, terms and conditions and the many drivers associated with how financiers assess and approve debt facilities. Capital United has the unique skill set required to manage the myriad of corporate and commercial transactions and is well placed to assist clients with their existing and future finance needs.

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MPA Top 10 Commercial Brokers

Another South Australian representative on this year’s list, Tom Waltham operates Capital United out of Adelaide CBD. The debt advisory and broking firm specialises in debt finance across a range of transaction types and sectors …


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